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Website Portfolio

Legal First Solicitors Barristers

Legal First Solicitors Barristers powered by eZ Publish

Legal First is a law firm based in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. The firm needed a re-branding and asked me to help with the redesign of their logo, letterhead, business card and website.

"When you need good quality, prompt and reliable legal advice, you need a law firm that you can trust. Here at Legal First Solicitors Barristers our team is able to provide you with quality legal advice in a clear, straightforward manner. From ImmigrationProperty Conveyancing (buying and selling your property) to Family Disputes and Commercial Matters, our wide range of experienced and result driven attitude solicitors are committed to get you the best result possible."

Visit the website here: Legal First Solicitors Barristers

Sophie Appleby Consulting

Sophie Appleby Consulting

"Start transforming your business now, bringing customers on board in the right way and fast!
In your free first session, we can assess your needs and I create a tailor-made program for your business."

Visit the website here: Sophie Appleby Consulting

Edward Johnes Photography

Edward Johnes Photography powered by eZ Publish

Edward Johnes is a landscape and nature photographer based in London. He used to host his website with ClikPic but asked me redo it. So after agreeing on a custom design, I proposed to power his new website with eZ Publish as I find the frontend editor to be easier to use than ClikPic admin interface. And I was glad to see that he also found the same after trying to modify his new website.

Visit the website here: "In the Wild - images from Nature" with Edward Johnes Photography 

New City Corporation Ltd

New City Corporation Ltd

New City Corporation Ltd is a young company specialised in pattern requirements for the garment industry.

NCC providing pattern cutting, grading, marker making, costings, and file conversion sending and receiving patterns from other systems for Ladies, men’s and children’s wear.

With over 25 years of experience, they provide the highest levels of service at all times. Their  best quality of servicing and reasonable price, which show their wealth of experience and years of pattern grading, which has enabled them to keep their customers satisfied and lead them to their success today.

Visit the website here: New City Corporation Ltd - UK Pattern Grading & Cutting Services


LondonSOS - Relocation Service

London SOS provides relocation services to both corporate clients and individuals looking to settle temporary or permanently within the London area.

We aim to provide unbiased, tailor made packages that cover every aspect of our clients’ needs and circumstances, making their relocation process cost effective and as stress free as possible.

Our team of experienced and multilingual consultants, who have also personally been through the relocating process, passionately believe that for a relocation to be successful it has to result in everyone feeling happily settled. That’s why we put so much effort in listening to our clients and delivering exceptional levels of personal attention to detail.

Visit the website here: London SOS - Relocation Service

Frank Williams Photography

Frank Williams Photography

Frank needed a brand new website easy for him to maintain. This is why I've choosen Joomla to develop his website. Frank's website is now using eZ Publish.

Visit the website here: Frank Williams Photography

Photography by Dudley Williams

Photography by Dudley Williams

Dudley Williams is a landscape photographer based in Hove, in beautiful  Sussex.
His website uses eZ Publish CMS with custom features such as random header image and client portfolio proofing. 
Visit the site here: Photography by Dudley Williams.

Online Lighting Diagram Creator

Online Lighting Diagram Creator

The Online Lighting Diagram Creator is a personal project launched to help with the creation of photography lighting diagrams. I'm working on it on my spare time so development time will depend on how busy/free I am.

Originally, this online Lighting Diagram Creator was created to make the use of Kevin Kertz's PSD file easier. But then Kevin denied the permission to use his file so I had to find another source of image.

Very quickly, I've received a new PSD file from Don Giannatti. The objects are not as stylish as Kevin Kertz's ones, but they are very cool. So many thanks to Don for his contribution! For those who don't know Don (aka Wizwow) please visit his other websites: www.dongiannatti.com / www.lighting-essentials.com /www.learntolight.com. It's quite late here in the UK and I've just been able to generate a few objects from his PSD. But at least the tool is now back on track!

Visit the website here: The online lighting diagram creator for photographers

QH Photography Website and Blog

QH Photography

I discovered eZ Publish CMS when I joined the Energy Saving Trust in 2008. I started to like the concept of this CMS and started to create a separate website for my photography work. eZ Publish made it easy for me to customize and create new features without even touching anything in the database, no need to create new tables or whatsoever everything is managed thru the CMS admin interface by creating new content class for new type of pages.

So here comes QH Photography, my photography website and photography blog.

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust

I joined the Energy Saving Trust in London since early 2008. It is a non-profit organisation jointly funded by the British Government and the private sector in order to help fight climate change by promoting the sustainable use of energy, energy conservation and to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom.

I'm working as a Website Technical Administrator in other words working as a website developer also doing some server administration tasks.My role includes the development and maintenance of EST's website www.energysavingtrust.org.uk handling small and medium size internal projects to enhanced the website and its users experience. I also have to liaise with our web agencies VisionWTGrand Union ,Xrow & recently Sapient.

EST's website is powered by eZ Publish CMS & Oracle Database. In June 2009, the Energy Saving Trust website has won the eZ Publish website of the year at the eZ Awards 2009 during the eZ Conference in Paris. I also received the eZ Publish Developer Certification.

Visit the site here: Energy Saving Trust